Get the latest Windows 10 for your computer and tablet

Many of us have experienced frustrating issues after updating our operating system or installing a new one, the computer suddenly does not work properly. The programs you used yesterday no longer run. It can be a huge disappointment when you’ve been looking forward to getting started.


New version of Windows 10 out now

Windows launched their latest version of the Windows 10 operating system in spring 2017. Windows continuously updates, Microsoft release new operating systems to increase security and minimize the risk of hacker attacks as well as to provide the user with the best experience when using their computer or tablet. Windows 10 works across your various devices, your tablet, laptop or desktop computer and fixes virtually all errors in earlier versions of Windows. In Paint 3D, you can easily change texture or colors and convert a two-dimensional image to 3D no matter if you have originally created the image or not. You can also log in with your fingerprint or use face recognition instead of remembering passwords. This makes access much easier and increases security because others can not log in to your computer. In Windows 10 it is possible to play the latest XBox games, both online and offline. Additionally, Windows 10 offers a more user-friendly menu, the ability to switch desktop, and you can switch between light and dark screen depending on the lighting conditions that best suit your surroundings.


Remember to update your drivers

When you get a new operating system or update an old one, you need new or updated drivers. The reason why you need new drivers is because your computer’s hardware can not communicate with the new operating system without having an interpreter – a driver. The driver ensures good and clear communication between microchips and electronics, the computer’s operating systems and applications. Roughly speaking, it can be compared to the relationship between your language, your brain and your body. For example, if you are driving a car and your co-driver says “drive straight ahead after the crossroads” your brain will tell your body that you have to drive straight ahead after the crossing. That is because your brain understands the phrase and tells your body what it means. If your co-driver suddenly speaks a language you do not understand you can not translate the language via the brain and tell your body to carry out that action. Similarly, your computer’s hardware (body) needs to speak the same language as your software – your new operating system – to understand what it is supposed to do.


Update continuously

Whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux you have to remember to update your computer continuously and sometimes install the latest operating system for better security and to experience the latest features on the market. Every time you update you should make sure that your drivers work optimally and if you encounter problems along the way just keep in mind that it is often the driver which is causing the problem and that it is never too late to update or get a new driver. You can try DriverScanner which is a highly regarded tool to scan your computer for outdated drivers, and update them with just one click.