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Protect your smartphone with updated drivers

It’s not just your PC or laptop that uses drivers. Mobile phones work in many ways like computers with hardware, software and drivers.In fact, it may be hard to see differences between the different technologies when looking at performance, operating systems, and what we use them for. Many people use their mobile phone as much or even more than their laptop. The modern mobile phone’s most identifiable hardware components are its battery, screen, camera, cover and SIM card. Through the Swedish invention; Bluetooth (named after the Danish viking king Harald Bluetooth), your phone can communicate with speakers to play your music wirelessly and directly from your phone.


Nostalgia and the Nokia 3210

Many people think nostalgically about their first Nokia 3210. A stable brick in your pocket which could be counted on. The keypad was numeric and each number covered more than three letters, so quite a lot of typing was needed when writing messages on the two colour liquid crystal display. The predictive text and dictionary feature came later and along with it, some funny, but perhaps not so accurate interpretations of entries. Today, we have all laughed and been irritated by this phenomenon. It was incredibly funny, the first time we experienced how the dictionary helped us in sending uninterpretable messages full of wrong words. Today, the Nokia 3210 has become a must have retro accessory among hipsters and fashionistas following the normcore fashion.

Back then a mobile phone was a tool for making phone calls, writing messages and playing some simple games. We did not go online with our phones and we did not need to install new programs. Surfing was something we used a computer for, often at home or at the library. Initially mobile phones never needed software or driver updates. The phone came with a complete operating system and a complete software package and thus the correct drivers. When you did not go online with your phone, there was no need to think about security and hacker risk. If you wanted more newer applications and features, you would wait for the next Nokia to come on the market, so you could do more with your phone.


New drivers for the smart phones

Today, a cell phone is virtually anything but a tool we use to call each other. The modern smartphones can almost do more than our computers, and we use them for virtually anything. If you are a bit old-fashioned, you may use your phone to send mail, while many people use services like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat and social media like Instagram and Facebook for communication in everyday life. We still use the phone to communicate, but we want a phone that can play music, show videos, use search engines and help us find ways to find out how many potential dates there are near the cafe we are currently sitting in. The difference between the first mobile phones and modern smartphones is that the hardware on our phones has been compressed, there can be much more computing power in much less space and the programs have become more complicated but take up less and less of the memory. Thus, the same has happened to  mobile phones as that which has happened to the large and slow computers from the 1970s until today. All machines with an operating system need drivers, and all devices that we use to access the Internet must frequently have new or updated drivers.


What are apps?

Whichever phone you choose to buy, it is likely that you will want to add programs or apps that did not come with the phone when you purchased it. Some people want games, some a star chart and others want to be able to create music on their phone. When you want these options, first and foremost, you should find the programs which can help you. The programs we use on our mobiles are called apps. Apps; short for applications are the equivalent to programs. In everyday terms, the word “app” has become synonymous with applications for mobile phones and tablets. Even if you are satisfied with all your programs and what your phone is capable of, there are ongoing updates to the various programs and sometimes to the actual operating system itself. Updates provide a better user experience with increased efficiency and stability, but also to increase security and reduce the risk of hacker attacks. Each time your phone is updated, your drivers will also be updated.



Android is an operating system from Google. There are many different types of mobile phone which come with Android pre installed and what they all have in common is that Google has made the software. Therefore, all Android mobiles come with a pre installed package of applications like Google Maps, Drive, Translate, Play, Books, Docs, Music etc. The most famous brands within Android phones are probably Samsung and HTC, but many also have Lenovo, LG and Nexus. You may know some of the brands from other contexts, such as Samsung TV and Lenovo computer. It is normal in the modern mobile market that manufacturers make other types of smart technologies, and not exclusively focus on mobile telephony.



The iPhone is Apple’s smartphone, running on the famous Mac IOS. iPhone changed both the computer and phone market radically. Earlier, Apple’s product Mac computers had been reserved for a small exclusive array of computer users, but with the introduction of iPhone, Apple’s products became something for everybody. With iPhone, consumers began to invest in their phones. The iPhone became an extraordinary product where only imagination set the limits of possibility. Since the introduction of the iPhone, Apple has gained strong competition on the smartphone market, but many consumers still swear to the expensive and fashionable iPhone.


Google Play, AppStore, Microsoft Store

If you have an Android phone, you’ll find your apps in Google Play, which is Google’s virtual store and library of apps developed for your Android phone. If you have an iPhone, you’ll instead visit the AppStore, where you can find the programs and updates you need. Nokia’s modern smartphones use the Windows operating system, so you buy your apps in the Microsoft Store. For all the different phone brands and operating systems, updated drivers are important to ensure a good experience and functionality. It is also vital to secure your phone against hacker attacks and therefore update your phone to make sure that its drivers are always up to date.


Remember to update your computer drivers regularly

You must remember to update the drivers on all of your devices on a regular basis. This is especially important when it comes to your computer and laptop, whether you’re using Windows or Mac IOS. On your computer you have important photos, documents and videos, and it is important that they are not hacked or damaged. You also need to have updated drivers in order to ensure your computer works as well as possible. It is also important to be able to connect your phone with your computer. If you do not have the right drivers, your computer may not recognize external devices, whether it’s a keyboard, phone or printer. You can get help updating your drivers at Driverupdatehub.