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How to give good talks with the right AV equipment

AV equipment is something that most business owners or professionals don’t notice is important until it’s too late. But the right AV equipment is crucial to conduct effective meetings with your employees, co-workers, clients and business partners and can be an useful aid to your presentation.

How can AV equipment optimize my meetings and my presentations? You might ask. The answer is simple: the right AV equipment just works every time and keeps your audience focused and aware. But when it doesn’t work, it’ll frustrate you in volumes and distract your audience and in worst case scenario: bore them to death and make them want to go somewhere else. ANd that is never the reaction you want.

The good presentation

Any public speaker knows that the good presentation is short, yet thorough, funny, memorable and has great headlines and catchy phrases that the audience will remember. It also speaks the language of the audience yet inspires them to explore the subject further and get their hands on more information – and then it sells its message in an efficient and great manner that the audience won’t misunderstand or get confused by.

You’ve probably worked hard on all these aspects of your presentation and memorized its highlights and catchphrases by heart. But what very few presenters actually remembers is that they’re exposed to bad technology, and that AV equipment basically makes or breaks the presentation.

The right AV equipment for companies can optimize your meetings and presentations and make them more effective, so choosing the right equipment for your company is crucial. When the projector flickers or the cable just doesn’t work, it breaks your well-planned presentation you spend so much time working on, and you become frustrated and stressed out and forget the memorized lines – and your audience won’t remember a single thing you’ve said afterwards.

Projectors and sound

Our point is clear: in order to impress your colleagues, clients and business partners, you need a good and well thought-out presentation. But not solely: you need to be acquainted with AV equipment and its importance for your presentation and how the audience perceives you.

Projectors, monitors and screens are common AV equipment for companies to use, but for bigger meetings or conferences microphones and loudspeakers are often also in use. Practice your technique with the microphone – if you don’t use it correctly, the audience won’t be able to hear what you’re saying and they’ll become bored or frustrated – and probably won’t come back.