What is DriverScanner

DriverScanner is an advanced piece of software that makes a tiresome job easy and safe for you. DriverScanner checks all drivers on your computer and associated hardware drivers (such as a connected mobile). Then it compares the current drivers with the latest stored in a large database. If your computer and connected hardware has outdated or missing drivers you’ll be informed of this and have the option to install the latest drivers. Simple and safe.

Many don’t know this, but outdated drivers are often causing computers to become slow and unstable. Drivers enable hardware to communicate together. For example, your network adapter, printer, audio or graphics card. With outdated or missing drivers, the communication and hence the devices don’t work as well as they could or even malfunction.

No, you do not, but we recommend it. Otherwise you have to constantly check all your drivers, find out if there is a new version, find out where they can be downloaded and make sure they are the correct ones and that they don’t contain viruses. This can eat up many hours each week. UpdateDriverHubs DriverScanner does everything for you – automatically!

The team behind DirverUpdateHub.com has learned the hard way how outdated and missing drivers can create problems. Therefore, we learned many years ago to update them manually. Nevertheless, it was a tiresome task, so when we came across DriverScanner, we were thrilled. We wanted to share this discovery with the world, and therefore DriverUpdateHub.com was launched.

If you would like to contact us, we will be glad to hear from you. You can reach us on this page. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours on weekdays.

About DriverScanner

DriverScanner is a program, which automatically updates all your PC's drivers. It is being used on hundred of thousands computers worldwide. The program has received more than hundred awards given from both experts and users. It's completely free to download and try.

Safe to use
DriverScanner is safe to install and is continuously controlled by Norton Antivirus.