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Automation is not just nice – It’s needed

In these days everything is moving so incredible fast. Data is flowing around the World in seconds and if done right you can as a businessowner reach an unlimited audience from wherever you’re right away.

But both AI and people are much smarter and resistant to marketing than just a few years ago. So you need to be as well. And how is that done? Well the same way that smart people update their drivers, by automation. In this case Marketing Automation.

In that way you’re using AI to work for you to be better in you audiences and AIs, such as Google, eyes. Some would argue that AIs cannot do things as good as humans, but if you’ve seen the latest chess AI you’ll probably reconsider that statement.

By using AI technology to you advantage your chances of success with your business is much higher. A marketing automation tool such as the one from Related Digital will use big data and AI techs to get an overview of your costumers with all relevant data joined together. From that the automated process will come up with product recommendations, personalized banners, triggered campaigns, AB testing, dynamic e-mails and more.

From that one tool you can follow your costumers journey, manage e-mail marketing, control SMS, push sendings of them, manage social and online ads and more.

In other words you get to control things again in a time and place, where a small business owner has no real chance of doing so.

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Automated update of drivers

Even though updating your drivers is a little less complicated the same idea of simplifying it with AI automation applies here too.

The manual work of updating hundreds of drivers each year is not only tiresome, it’s also sometimes difficult and dangerous in that way that you might install wrong drivers. If so, let’s hope it’s not the BIOS driver you’re making mistakes with as that will stop your computer from starting at all!

Thankfully the process of updating drivers has never been safer and easier with DriverScanner, which you can use for free. We do however recommend you buying the full version, if you like what you see as you only then will enjoy the full automation of driver updating.

The free version only finds the outdated drivers but with that info you’re much better suited to find the right drivers manually if you want to save some bucks.