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Guide: How to get more visitors on your website

Nowadays all modern companies have a website and therefore, online visibility on different search engines like Google and Yahoo is very important. Whenever potential costumers are searching the Internet to find an answer to a certain question or problem that your company can solve for them it is very important that your company’s website are the first one they see. Therefore, you have to make sure that your website is higher ranked than your rivals’ websites. By doing that potential customers hopefully choose your website instead of your rivals’. To make sure that you are one of the top results on Google and Yahoo you have to make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is an overall expression for all the things you can do to get more online visibility on the different searching engines.

SEO consists of technical, editorial and communicative challenges. The better you understand how to optimize all items, the more visible you will be in the search engines.

SEO consists of a combination of research, analysis and marketing and includes disciplines like keyword analysis and link building.

Link building

Link building is of great importance for your website’s ranking in the search results on Google and Yahoo, because without inbound links, your website cannot be found in the search engines at all. Therefore, you have to write texts for your website that link to other pages on your own website, and you must also have other websites link to yours and vice versa.

If a lot of websites and articles link to your company’s website Google’s algorithm believes that your website is very valid and important and therefore, Google will place your website as one of the top websites on their page.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis can help you understand your target market better. It can show you how they are searching for you content, services or products and it can help you answer questions like “that are people searching for”. Once you know that you can start using all of these keywords in the texts on your website.

To keep track of your rankings on the different search engines you can use different tracking tools. SERPreme is the newest the marked and this tool is both cheap and transparent. Furthermore, the tool can help you keep track of your keywords in Google and Yahoo.

Working with SEO is not something you just do once and then never think about it again. It is important to continually update and improve your SEO texts and constantly adjust them to your target audience.