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Oppdater dine drivere i dag!

En driver hjelper datamaskinen å samhandle med andre programmer som er nyttige å ha på datamaskinen. Hvis driveren blir ødelagt eller utdatert, så vil det oppstå problemer, og du vil ikke lenger kunne bruke programmene på datamaskinen på korrekt måte.

Guide: How to get more visitors on your website

Nowadays all modern companies have a website and therefore, online visibility on different search engines like Google and Yahoo is very important. Whenever potential costumers are searching the Internet to find an answer to a certain question or problem that

Family-time with Outdoor Sydfyn

Whenever our everyday routines get started, we tend to forget to spend time with the people around us. The days seem to blend together, and before we know it, another week is over and we haven’t spent nearly as much

Automation is not just nice – It’s needed

In these days everything is moving so incredible fast. Data is flowing around the World in seconds and if done right you can as a businessowner reach an unlimited audience from wherever you’re right away. But both AI and people

Why it is important to update your computer?

It is really important to update your computer, maybe even more important than going to the toilet. The most important reason to update your computer, is to make sure that you are protected from security threats. In the same way

Eight Google Chrome extensions hacked

In late July and early August a number of Google’s Chrome browser extensions were hacked. Browser extensions are used for a variety of everyday tasks. Including Integration with social media, web development, word processing, translations, weather forecasts and much more.

Large amounts of critical vulnerabilities in Adobe

In early August Adobe launched updates which cover over 67 weaknesses in their software. 43 of them are critical. Most of the weaknesses were in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, while two were related to Flash. Adobe released three security

Yahoo hackers hired by the Russian intelligence service

At the beginning of September, the lawsuit against 22-year-old Canadian man Karim Baratov, arrested in Hamilton in March this year begins. He is accused of having made a comprehensive hack of Yahoo accounts. September last year, Yahoo announced that at

Windows detects 48 vulnerabilities in Windows Search

During August Microsoft has repaired 25 insecurities in their search engine Microsoft Search. One of the weaknesses was an RCE error that allowed attackers to take control of a server or workstation through Windows Search. The August repair patched 48

Updated drivers secure your tablet against hacker attacks

Over the last 15 years, tablets have truly become a part of our everyday lives. Tablets are popular because they are easy to carry, they are often of high quality and they cost less than laptops of the same brand.