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Updated drivers secure your tablet against hacker attacks

Over the last 15 years, tablets have truly become a part of our everyday lives. Tablets are popular because they are easy to carry, they are often of high quality and they cost less than laptops of the same brand. One of the main differences between tablets and computers is that we primarily use tablets to surf online, increasing the need for better security. Whilst some people do use their tablet as an alternative to their computer. For example, by installing writing programs and connecting an external keyboard, this does not apply to the majority of tablet users.

When compared to a standard PC or laptop, tablets are generally not considered to be as versatile. Tablets in general can not run the same, more advanced versions of some computer programs. Many people also find PCs more user friendly.


What is a tablet?

A tablet may be best understood as a hybrid between a computer and a smartphone. Most consumers believe, however, that a tablet can be a bit of everything. With a tablet you can browse the web, stream music and movies, take photos, use social media like Facebook and Instagram and communicate via, for example, Facebook’s messenger and email. A tablet is pretty much capable of performing the same tasks as most people would use their phone and computer for. The people who would previously have been the target audience for computer retailers now may not need more than a tablet.


High-tech senior citizens

Ipads are popular among all age groups because they are stable and user-friendly. There is an increasing tendency for elderly people to buy and use iPads or tablets, for several reasons. Phones can seem annoying if your sight is not as good as it used to be, or if you basically believe that phones are meant for phone calls alone. Portability; It is easy to move the iPad from room to room, or to visit friends to show pictures of the newest family members or recent holiday snaps. You don’t have to think about charging your iPad as frequently as a laptop, and you are automatically reminded of most updates. Most of the time a tablet, certainly the Apple variety will install the necessary drivers along with an update, but not always. In the new high-tech generation of seniors, many enjoy the integration between the various Apple products, which means that you don’t have to necessarily have grown up with computers, smartphones and tablets to enjoy them.


Tweens, teens and tablets 

Two consumer groups who have never really started buying their own computers are tweens and teens. They often have the computer they need in school or use their parent’s computers for schoolwork. Tablets have become an easy and cheap alternative to a computer, whether it is a parent or teenager who uses their salary or pocket money to purchase a tablet. The younger generations are already used to using tablets and smartphones. Having not really known any older technology, they do not consider it an inconvenience to write in google docs, or to edit photos online and save everything in a cloud service.


Remember drivers for your tablet

All technologies consisting of hardware and software require drivers to communicate between the two different parts. If you do not have drivers, there is no interpreter between the programs you are using and the hardware itself. On a tablet, it mainly means that there must be good communication between your browser, camera and the apps which help you to use online services. These include Adobe’s programs to read documents and use Flash Player to watch movies and TV. If you have an iPad, you will also need to update the drivers continuously, ensuring that iTunes, for example, works optimally. You will continuously need to update your operating system and thus your drivers.


Your computer must always have updated drivers

Like your tablet, your computer also needs to have its drivers updated regularly. In fact, in most cases a secure computer would be more important than tablet. A home office PC is usually used to perform the more confidential tasks such as online banking, taxes, online shopping and more. Most people also store confidential information on their computer, it is important that others do not get their hands on this data. There are several examples of people who have been victims of identity theft and blackmail after hacker attacks. By regularly updating your drivers, you will be better protected against malicious attacks on your computer whilst also ensuring a more stable and well-functioning computer or laptop. On Driverupdatehub you can download a program that helps you find the drivers you need and which ones to update.